They blew the bridges out. And we ran out of bullets.


Raw material for surprisingly effective weapons. And they're everywhere. But so are these undead ghouls, they're everywhere too. Feeding on anything living...feeders. It's not about trying to escape anymore, it's about trusting people again and reclaiming the city!

Welcome to the world of Z'Isle, a horror-themed tactical RPG based on a comic book series set seven years after a zombie apocalypse. It shares elements the base-building elements of X-Com, the stress/morale mechanic of Darkest Dungeon and post-apocalyptic survival activities, (such as trading and negotiating) character exploration of- This War of Mine. The game is set during those seven harrowing years of chaos, fire and death. The chemistry of your crew will dictate whether they can perform powerful turn-based combo attacks with each other. Customize your character and lead them against marauders, Syklurs and the feeder hordes. Build, maintain and expand your community, but careful! The decisions you make during missions will affect the chemistry of your team, impacting morale and affect the reputation of your community

Bike-forged weapons & roof-bound communities have kept people safe. But for how long?

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  • Twitter Virus Contest

    You're bitten! Bite some1 for a chance to win a @zisleseries SurvivorPerk! http://kck.st/2cu3zib  @AllAboutZombies #Indiegames #PatientZero pic.twitter.com/swkCeCM5Wi  

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  • Fanstasia Film Festival Z'isle Contest

    Miscellaneum Studios is running a Kickstarter campaign for Z'Isle: a cycle-punk, zombie-filled video game set in a post apocalyptic Montreal. Help them spread the word and get a chance to win a special Fantasia edition of the WEAPONSMITH reward bundle! CON...

    Start Time • 01:01
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    Contribute to our campaign from TODAY until SUNDAY the 25th and win the chance to....BECOME A CHARACTER IN THE GAME-WORTH $500 !!! With contributions of 15$ and up. Don't sleep. Do it now. The winner will be announced live on Sunday at 8pm on Facebook!...

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