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Welcome to the newest hot spot for Indie Game Developers. Alienware Arena is launching an all new platform to feature and introduce your game to a huge gaming community. Together we can build and provide a superior Indie game experience for our members. In return, you will be gaining exposure, feedback, and significant support to help grow your customer base.

Learn More About the Program:

Indie Game Page

Once you join the program the first thing you should do is create a compelling game page. This page will be the vehicle used on many of the promotions to introduce your game to the Alienware community. Creating the game page is simple - You just need to fill out information about your game, add some cool images to the page and include some exciting videos if available.

Quarterly Community Contest

Every quarter we will run a promotion to highlight the best indie games. To join you will simply add your Game Page to the promotion during the registration period. When the promotion starts we will market the overall promotion to the community. Our community members will vote for their favorite games and indicate which games they are most interested in playing. As a game developer, you are encouraged to promote your game as well to get more votes. The top games win prizes and additional support from Alienware. Learn more about the Indie Game Showcase Challenge!

Alpha/Beta Marketing Program

Once approved, indie developers can upload demos and/or a small amount of game keys for the community to play/test and provide valuable feedback. Alienware Arena has a huge fan base with over 5 million members globally of eager gamers that will be given instant access to your games.

Special Discounts

Building your game is an expensive proposition. There are many services and tools that you need to purchase. Program participants will be offered discounts on Dell and Alienware products (selection varies by region) to help with game development.

What Other Indies are Saying

"Being part of the Alienware Indie Game Developer Program has been awesome. I can’t recommend it enough to aspiring PC game developers. Not only did we get access to millions of gamers on the Alienware Arena pages where we could communicate and discuss our project at length, Alienware also loaned us hardware to showcase our game Coffin Dodgers at GDC and UK game consumer events” 
Jonathan Holmes (Founder & Managing Director of Milky Tea Studios – Game: Coffin Dodgers

"Working with Alienware as an indie has been great. Their support of our game, Race The Sun, at tradeshows has been really valuable, and Race The Sun players who use Alienware hardware have been pleasantly surprised at the Alien FX support. We feel that the benefits of joining the program have definitely been worth the minimal time commitment involved on our end."
Aaron Flippo (Flippfly Games)

“Partnering with Alienware has been a fantastic experience. Helping us reach out and find an entirely new generation of PC Gamers for our game Descent: Underground. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.”
Eric Pertson (Descendent Studios)

"I knew Alienware would be a great partner for our PC release of Brawlhalla - it has the power to reach out to a huge community of PC gamers who love its machines and trust it for news. Awareness is so hard for an indie company to generate, and Alienware has helped us again and again. Thanks, guys!"
Matthew Woomer (Blue Mammoth)

"We've been involved in The Alienware Plays Best On program for several years and are extremely happy with the results. They provide us powerful hardware for our promotion press tours and are generous with prizing for competitions we run run for our community. This help is valuable to our success and we look forward to working with Alienware for many more years."
Chris Wilson (Path of Exile)

Do I Qualify?

You will need to meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for this program:

  1. As an indie game developer, you are an individual or team that develops video games without significant support of a video game publisher or outside source.
  2. You must own your own IP (intellectual property).
  3. You are from the US, Canada, EU, or Australia.
  4. Your game must also meet ONE of the following:
  • Steam Early Access
  • Steam Greenlight
  • Kickstarter Funded
  • Indiegogo Funded
  • Invitation Code from Alienware or an Alienware Partner

If you qualify, join Alienware Arena and submit your application here.
If you meet the requirements, Alienware will accept/approve your game.