Community Day - Ep. 18 - Game Suggestions

Community Day - Ep. 18 - Game Suggestions

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Hey Guys! 

Post here what games you'd like to play with us this week during our Community Day on Thursday! :D

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Payday 2 could be a good way to spend some hours, Screencheat is always fun, and maybe a bit of Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed would also be nice.


Smite (Arena mode?)


Dirt 3

Sniper Elite v2 (One day we might actually play lol)

Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed


Rocket League or Left 4 Dead 2

Please, don't be a r*tard, don't copy-paste someone else's post and then tell the creator that if his OWN CONTENT is "alright" then you'd delete your own post.


Minion Masters. Lenard still owes me a match.

Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed

Zero G Arena 

Gears of War 4 Hoard

Tribes Ascend , free to play. Just need enough people to play


Tribes Ascend would be pretty fun in a custom server with like 6+ people


Agree with ScreenCheat every time I've tried to play it there's a lack of users.

Dirty Bomb? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I keep getting updates for it no clue how it looks anymore.

I'm just here for the nachos


Ooh, I'd play Dirty Bomb. Also, Angel suggested PlanetSide 2 on Discord a few days ago.


Battleblock Theater, Castle Crashers, Blade Ballet, Broforce, Dead by Daylight, Gauntlet, Sniper Elite v2, and Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed are all I have installed right now.


Golf With Your Friends


Hopefully whatever games chosen will have smallish downloads.

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