Community Day - Ep. 22 - Game Suggestions

Community Day - Ep. 22 - Game Suggestions

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Hey Guys! 

Post here what games you'd like to play with us this week during our Community Day on Thursday!

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Payday 2 

Dead by Daylight 
Sonic & all-stars racing transformed 
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 
Atlas Reactor
Lords of NewYork
Super Arcade Football


Dead by Daylight had a new update that made it look prettier/better private matches system that lets you pick maps, gives you all items, and lets you use any perk. It's neat but they screwed up the sound so Marcie would prob have a tough time playing killer. I don't mind killing people though. :P

Also Sniper Elite V2 has that mode that Lenard tried in 4 I think, but a lot of people have V2 since it was given out for free.

Otherwise, Super Arcade Football, Awesomenauts, BattleBlock Theater, Blade Ballet, Broforce, or Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed.


Sniper Elite v2 (Distance King really is a lot of fun)

BattleBlock Theater

Mount Your Friends (Never got to show my skills last time)


Sniper Elite V2

Lords of New York

Super Arcade Football


Crash Force (A game that was featured on Alienware Arena)


Vermintide! ;)

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