Aven Colony top tips!

Aven Colony top tips!

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Post your best tips for survival on Aven Prime in the thread, and help each other out! 

Ours? Make sure you build a nanite processor, they're an essential part of your colony!

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good! :)

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7mEPcR762tBTlVnt4_TGSg


Make sure to build plenty of air purifiers/vents because at first you think your O2 is fine, but out of no where it will take a hit and trying to recover it is a challenge in it's self


Make sure as you spread out, to build new housing locations. One of the mechanics is the distance it takes for the person to get to work(commute) The closer the persons work is to his house, the better.



Only time will tell...


Build greenhouses and keep and eye on your happiness and food production. And don't forget about water production as well!


Greenhouses are life, and it's is the basics for always have some food



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