Atlas Reactor Meridian Reaper Skin Key Giveaway

Atlas Reactor Meridian Reaper Skin Key Giveaway

The battle for the Atlas Reactor is on!  Outwit to outlive your enemies in the fight for (eternal) life, liberty, and the pursuit of loot. Make your move and become a Freelancer today. Claim your Meridian Reaper skin and take to the battlefield today!

About Atlas Reactor:
Get ready: Atlas Reactor Season 4 is here, bringing with it a bevy of changes designed to improve your seasonal experience! Take the battle for Atlas to a new level with:

  1. Weekly Quests
  2. New Alert System 
  3. Returning Trust Rewards
  4. New & Returning Holo Haunt Skins

Competitive PvP - Compete in 4v4 team battles in Solo, Vs. Bots, PvP, Ranked, and Custom games. With the range of ability combos possible, no two matches are ever the same.
Customizable heroes - Battle as one of an ever-growing roster of Freelancers! Customize each hero’s abilities with Ability Mods, which can be saved into loadouts or tweaked to counter enemy teams.
Unique maps and environments - Fight in battles all around the city of Atlas, including the deck of a flying cargo ship, a rooftop garden, a hi-tech laboratory, and the engineering bay of a working reactor core.
Seasonal stories and rewards - Experience Atlas’ story through “Seasons,” a multi-week arc where players can influence the fate of the world and challenges reward regular gameplay with bonus loot!
A futuristic universe - Enter a cloud-piercing megacity where Freelancers fight for (and against) monolithic Trusts vying for control over the last Reactor on the planet.


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